Monday, July 11, 2011

Feeldoes VS Share OBJECTIVE review

The goal of this post is to provide an OBJECTIVE and then a SUBJECTIVE review of both the Feeldoe by Erogenics and the Share by FunFactory, both are double dildos meant for one active or top partner to wear, and a passive or bottom partner to receive, in a fashion similar to a strap-on but without the hassle of a harness (so they advertise).

This in the hopes that if there are any other people out there who have just saved enough money for ONE product, they can make the best choice based on their personal preferences, differences and similarities to my opinions.

The Share (black) is on top, the Feeldoe (purple) at the bottom.

NOTE: there are some water-stains on both. They're not -anything else- stains. I dont own a dishwasher and I air dry my toys, because drying them with a towel gets lint on them.

So, why are they so weirdly shaped?
The BULB goes into the wearer's end. The bulb is meant to be inserted vaginally or anally on the wearer (active or "top" partner), holding the BASE between his or her legs, and thus obtaining a SHAFT protruding between his/her legs (or two, if they already own a biological one).


Most websites deal in two measurements only: length and width (whether its circumference -what it measures around, or diameter - what it measures across). This works fine for straight shaped, regular dildos or vibes. However, when they're shaped with ridges, tapers, bumps, or anything else, these "single width measurements" dont work. Because you'll be asking yourself, ok, its 1.5" wide... but where? at the tip? at the base? at the bump? you get my point. This gets even trickier with dildos that have two sides (the wearer's end, and the "cock" end to be used on someone else). So i've done as many measurements as i can thing of (trying for them to be useful), and i've posted them ON of the images of the Feeldoe and Share.

The Feeldoe has a straighter shaft ("cock" end), slightly longer than the Share.

The Feeldoe has a shorter bulb (wearer's end), straight, and generally narrower than the Share, which has a longer bulb, significantly wider, and with a curve supposedly meant for G-spot stimulation, in adittion of a much steeper angle between the shared-part (bottom part not involved in penetration of either partner) and the bulb.

The Share's bulb is much "bigger" than the shaft... its much thicker and meant for giving the wearer a sensation of fullness.

The Feeldoe's shaft is pretty much uniform in size, with a head not too marked, and a bit thicker midshaft than below the head or at the base of the shaft, but not notoriously so. This can be also be seen in the following image.

As you can see, the Share's shaft has a very pronounced head, then becomes rather thin, and tapers off to a very wide base, while the Feeldoe doesnt become wider until even past the clitoral ridges meant for the wearer's stimulation.

The share's shaft base is much too wide for realistic penetration, so you might lose up to an inch of shaft due to its width (unless your receiver is a size queen).

In the above picture you can see how much bigger the bulb is on the Share, also how it stands up straighter in the Feeldoe. 

Here you can see how wide the base is on the Share in comparison to the Feeldoe. This might not be enough for some receives to handle as it is very wide, 2.1" in diameter (in contrast with a shaft averaging 1.4"). In contrast, the feeldoe's shaft is completely usable all the way to the base (the part where you see a cleft beginning).

This is another comparison of bulb sizes, and also of Base sizes. In the next part i'll give my personal (subjective) evaluation of these and comment on why they're good or not good IMO.


  1. Where is the follow up? I am very curious!

  2. The feeldoe is better. The share comes with a higher quality vibrator which you can charge via usb. The idea combination is a "fun factory" vibrator in place of the cheap "bullet" vibrator that comes stock in the share.